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February 2024 Newsletter

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  • By Kirstyn
February 2024 Newsletter

Coming soon!

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Welcome to the February Newsletter!

It's a busy month here at Greg's Games with exciting new releases coming your way.
Which games will you choose to PLAY?
Solve the mystery of our hidden discount code for 5% off your online order.*

Upcoming Releases

Clash with your opponents in the Heavy Hitters arena, investigate the new PLAY boosters in Murders at Karlov Manor, and discover the new locations of Into the Inklands.
Heavy Hitters Booster Box
Heavy Hitters Blitz Decks
Murders at Karlov Manor PLAY Booster Box - $159.99
Murders at Karlov Manor Collector Booster Box - $249.99
Yu-Gi-Oh! Phantom Nightmare Booster Box - $79.99
Digimon Exceed Apocalypse
Booster Box - $79.99
Lorcana - Into the Inklands
Starter Decks - $19.99 each
Lorcana - Into the Inklands Booster Box - $119.99

Our Board Game of the Month is

Flip & Find's Diner


Demos will run all month long, just ask our staff!
Flip & Find's Diner is a set collection memory game. Find the ingredients to fill the orders and make tips!

In honor of Black History Month, a portion of the proceeds of all sales from the month of February will be donated to the Smith Family Foundation.


Super charge your limited experience during our pre-release events with the exciting new PLAY boosters containing up to 4 rares per pack! Our pre-release events sell out fast so secure your seat today.
Bring your constructed decks and win promos and PLAYmats
Bring a friend and learn to PLAY Karlov Manor sealed
PLAY in a Classic Constructed $1k to secure your invite to Nationals
Party and PLAY with Into the Inklands all day