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30 Seconds To Live

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30 Seconds to Live is a light-medium 1-2-player competitive zombie card game. Zombies broke thru the defenses into the warehouse encampment and the Lone Survivor escaped out the backdoor into the alley. They barricaded the door but it won't hold long. They must escape the alley to the street where a pickup is waiting, fighting through the hordes of zombies. If the zombies reduce the Survivor to zero health, the zombies win the game. The confined game space and a limit of only 30 seconds to complete their turn make the game tense and fast-paced, so every turn feels like the last 5 minutes of a season finale of The Walking Dead.

The game is different from most zombie games in several ways. Most zombie games are expensive, take all night to play, have tons of miniatures, require a whole bunch of friends to play and you all are good guy Survivors. This game is the opposite. It's inexpensive, uses only cards and counters, and can be played solo or with two people in 20-40m. Best of all, one of the players gets to be the zombies! If you're tired of being the hero, this is the game for you! Players need to complete their turn in 30 seconds or forfeit the rest of their planned actions. This is tracked using a companion app downloaded from the 30 Seconds To Live website, or with the included sand timer. This forces players to think and act quickly. Nobody likes it when a player takes ten minutes to decide what they want to do on their turn. Do you think zombies are going to wait for you to decide whether to move, draw a card, or attack? They will just attack! Finally, health and ammo are tracked using a simple mechanism that eliminates the need for dice and other counters and makes for faster and simpler gameplay. The game includes male and female versions of eight unique player characters, eight types of zombies, and 19 different weapons. The game has great replayability due to the numerous ways the game can be played and the different strategies that can be employed.