COVID-19 Policies

We are very excited to announce that Greg’s Games, in accordance with state mandates, will be reopening Monday June 15th for in-store shopping and limited capacity events!

We have some new rules and policies to go along with our reopening that we are asking all customers and players to follow, these are liable to be changed at any time as new mandates, regulations, and/or recommendations from government and health officials are released.
General rules:
1) All persons entering the store MUST be wearing a facemask, and if you do not have one, one will be provided for you. All persons entering the store also MUST have their temperature taken by our staff. If you do not consent to both of these conditions, you will be denied entry to our store.
2) If you are sick or exhibiting symptoms of sickness, you will be denied entry to our store and/or asked to leave the premises until you are feeling well.
3) We are limiting our store to a maximum of 5 shoppers at any given time.
4) We are having all persons follow the traffic pattern arrows we have placed on our floor, and that you keep at least one arrow between yourself and other people at all times.
5) We ask that you keep your browsing as brief as possible while shopping.
Policies regarding trading card game (TCG) items:
1) Our TCG singles binders are going away (for now). We will be using a computer kiosk that will have all of our cards in a database. We ask that you wash your hands with warm/hot water and soap in our restroom OR use hand sanitizer before using the kiosk. We will be disinfecting this kiosk after each use.
2) Our extremely popular “bulk box” for Magic: the Gathering cards is also going away for now, but do not fret! For it will return!
Policies regarding events:
1) Due to limits on social gatherings, all of our events will be limited to 4 tables/8 persons at a time. We are currently working out possible ways to offer more seating for events outdoors akin to outdoor dining at restaurants.
2) We ask that all patrons wash their hands with warm/hot water and soap in our restroom before participating in events, and either wash again or use hand sanitizer in between games and/or matches.
3) All paid events such as our Wednesday Dragon Ball Super Card Game events, and Friday Night Magic events now REQUIRE preregistration via our website. All paid event listings will be posted on the Sunday of that week under our events category, here: We will be posting our events for June 15th-20th on the 14th for example.
4) All free/open table nights such as Miniature Mondays and TCG Thursdays also now REQUIRE table reservations. We are using an app which integrates with our website on our event calendar page, here: When booking a table, you MUST list who your games are scheduled with in the “notes” section or you booking will be cancelled.
Thank you all for understanding these policies, and we hope to see you again for good times and good games soon!