Greg's Games - Greg's Games Token Series: Kaldheim

Quantity: 16

Introducing the next entry in our Greg’s Games Token Series - Kaldheim! Each pack of our Kaldheim tokens comes with all the tokens you need to play Kaldheim limited (36 total), and the back of the tokens can serve as a zone marker for your Foretold cards!



2x Angel Warrior

2x Bear

2x Bird

2x Cat

2x Demon Berserker

2x Dragon

2x Dwarf Berserker

2x Elf Warrior

1x Emblem - Kaya the Inexorable

1x Emblem - Tibalt, Cosmic Imposter

1x Emblem - Tyvar Kell

2x Giant Wizard

2x Human Warrior

1x Icy Manalith

2x Koma’s Coil

1x Replicated Ring

2x Shapeshifter

2x Spirit

1x Treasure

2x Troll Warrior

2x Zombie Berserker



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