Games Workshop - Champions Of Chaos (Omnibus) (PB)

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A Warhammer Chronicles omnibusThree champions of the Dark Gods threaten the lands of men in this collection of novels from the Old World. Vainglorious Sigvald, blood-soaked Valkia and cunning Egrimm van Hortsmann all tell their twisted tales. READ IT BECAUSE It's three dark and gloriously deadly novels – and four short stories – from the World That Was, packaged together to give you iconic tales of characters from days gone by. DESCRIPTION In the cold Wastes of the north, the followers of Chaos gather in their thousands, eager to lay ruin to the soft lands of the south. These bloodthirsty, undisciplined warriors can only be controlled by the fiercest of leaders – champions who have risen through the ranks by dint of their infamous deeds to become the favoured of the Dark Gods. This omnibus collects together the stories of three such mighty leaders – Prince Sigvald the Magnificent, the Gorequeen of Khorne Valkia the Bloody, and the rogue wizard Egrimm van Horstmann. Be warned: though the journey to greatness is long and hard, the battle to maintain such a position of power amid the servants of Chaos is never-ending… CONTENTS Sigvald by Darius Hinks Valkia the Bloody by S P Cawkwell Bloodraven​ by S P Cawkwell Blood Blessing ​by S P Cawkwell Reaper ​by S P Cawkwell Harbinger ​by S P Cawkwell ​Van Horstmann by Ben Counter
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